Hologram fan 65cm

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Hologram fan 3d Hellogram

Who benefits from this product?

This 3d hologram si a new communication device. It can display floating images with a 3D holographic effect. This advertising device has an ultra-high density rotation that allows an innovative and attractive communication for your customers. in shopping malls, trade exhibition, showcases and various events opt for a 3d hologram display.

Smartphone application

Control your hologram with your smartphone or through the cloud

This hologram device is comes with smartphone application and cloud control. It allows you to remotly monitor your device. You can download on our website the smartphone application. Severals applications are available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. For the cloud control, you can use application or your web browser.The smartphone application for hologram includes a range of features like :

  • Start/stop fan rotation
  • Multiple fan synchronisation
  • Add or delete content from the hologram
  • Playlist configuration
Synchronize multiple hologram

With this hologram fan, several devices can be synchronized to have simultaneous display. By processing the video source and synchronizing the images, the devices will be able to display a single image or video at the same time. You will be able to create a hologram of a size of your choice or have different animations synchronised to each hologram.

This model is the most popular one for building hologram wall. Indeed, thanks to his 4 blades, this model is extremely bright (1200cd/m2 approximatly 2200 lumens). In addition, this size of 65cm and his price (almost half of hypervsn 56cm) make it a really good product for a solo configuration or a synchronised one.

Supports most common video file formats: mp4, mpeg and etc.

The hologram fan is compatible with the most common image and video formats (AVI, MP4, MKV, GIF, JPEG, PNG…). The video or image in question should be in square format and have a black background. This way you can display your logo, your products or animated text. Our company can create custom video for your hologram with competitive price.

Install it where you want

The device can be fixed to the wall or mounted on a hologram stand For an even more impressive 3D effect,we recommand to install it on a bracket or hologram stand. In fact, by being deported from the wall, the perspective makes the 3D effect more breathtaking.

Additional information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions54 × 54 × 12 cm
Diamètre de l'hélice


Largeur d'affichage


Commande de l’appareil

Cloud, Wi-Fi with iOS, Android and Windows application

Nombre de pale


Nombre de LED


Densité LED

5.5 LED/cm



Surface d'affichage


Luminance ( en cd/m2)






Vitesse de rotation


Mémoire (en Go)


Format de fichiers lus

jpg, gif, mp4, avi, rmvb, mpeg, mkv


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